一周里面就只有星期六和星期天的英语单词会让你听起来开心点了,你知道怎么用英语作文写一篇我的周末的作文吗?下面是职场范文网小编给大家精心挑选的五年级英语作文my weekend翻译,希望大家喜欢!供你参考和阅读!

五年级英语作文my weekend翻译篇1

  Today is Sunday.

  In the afternoon, my father let me to water the flowers. So I just hit a bucket of water from the tank, and a water bottle, went to water the flowers.

  My home is not a lot of flowers. I water the flowers and listen to the father speak the name of the flower. Father pointed to a tree leaves a lot of say: "this is the rubber tree." Pointing to a tree leaves a lot of say again: "this is Africa jasmine." "Dad, what is the name of the thick tree leaves?" I'm watering, while asked. "Call yushu. Also, this is bracketplant, notoginseng, this is brazilwood, this is pomegranate flowers."

  Finished already. The breeze is blowing, as if in dancing, nodding. I am very tired, but I am very happy!

  This is a happy Sunday.






五年级英语作文my weekend翻译篇2

  It is a weekend, I lie on the bed to sleep in, again again to ignore her mother's urging. Suddenly, mom a my quilt shouted: "little sleepies, let's go out to play badminton, today I want to with you of the high and low!" What? Badminton? I try to recall the last time playing time.

  Be excited mother dragged out of bed to the table had some breakfast then go downstairs battle. I sent a weak significantly underpowered ball, also didn't fly to old mama began before landing, passing 18-wheeler, mom a dashed up to save the ball, and in the speed of the ear called me back, relentlessly buckle in behind me. Bad, I lost a ball. I suddenly wake up, I had to turn things around quickly, or according to the mother's character she'll YueZhanYueYong, that I can only lose more and more miserable. Cheer up, adjust good state, my ball more play more conveniently. Left a cyclotron ball, and a drop shot, a cry for the moon, another autumn wind the leaves right away... Straight mom asthma hush, unprepared.



五年级英语作文my weekend翻译篇3

  Today is Sunday, my little cousin is coming. Although he is small, the eyes of people in our family's baby. He is a real "little emperors", people have to follow him.

  Little cousin, so he immediately assumed a frills: "quick take 'wine to drink for me!" I listened to the startled, thought the child how can you drink? Later, his mother immediately out of drinks, and gave him drink. He said that the so-called "wine", turned out to be a beverage. And his mother understand him!

  Cousin came to, the mother in order to amuse him, give him a "sugar-coated cannonball - transformers toys.

  Then we go on a picnic with him. Mother put fire up good, on the wire. The adults in the side is busy, I and "little emperors" has become a.

  The adults are ready, call us in the past. My little cousin and I in the past, see so many good things to eat, really overwhelmed. And my little cousin rob the baked food, roasted and ate with relish.

  Eat, we do a fair fight. At this moment, we are like martial arts novels play swordsman, few rounds down, I finally victory.

  This Sunday, we had really happy!








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