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  "By! I've finally passed the English level secondary examination!" When I heard the exciting news, I could not help but cheer up! For I am a grade four students, through the level of junior middle school second grade exam, is how not easy! Recall several months of efforts and painstaking effort, can not help but shed tears of delight.

  Remember a few months ago, my mother tenderly stroked my head, kindly said: "Vivian ah, this time everyone in preparation for the level of English level test. However, mother believe that as long as you work hard, you are now level 2 is also no problem, if passed the level 2 and so on key middle school of time, you will be more than others a 'pass'. Do you have confidence?" Looked at his mom looking forward to the eyes of the eyes and trust, I gently nodded.

  Since then, all of my spare time to actively preparing for the exam English level 2.

  For the first time in public English test level 2 training courses, I actively raise your hand to speak in class, the teacher praised me know really a lot. Home can be a problem, I will betray oneself. Sixty way choice, thinking along while, finally finished only guessing. The next day to listen to the teacher announced the answer, 60 choice was wrong two way. A failure is not let me lose confidence, on the contrary, I saw the hard way, take my spirit. From then on, every time I class carefully take down the content of the teacher. If there are any don't understand the question, I asked my father when I came back, until we understand.


  Haze in the vast blue sea, the white light, the lonely sail son what it to far beyond the city to find, pour the white sea, below the above with the golden sun, restless pray the sails is storm, as if a storm in a state of calm! .

  In silence after a winter moth, finally put the grandeur of life show in front of people, at the beginning of the life in forging the strength of character. According to the fan to spend in silence after five years, finally will do the flowers of life reveal life, the world praise, surprised me. How many wonderful story it is, between natural creatures in the face of difficulties, marches, singing the praises of life, we human beings are made in face of difficulty immortal history!

  The great river east to go to, the wave depleted, historic figures.

  "A strong man, xiao cold, frame clank, fairness, woo qin pavilion." In those hard times, the concept of leaders, the national mission I have on you, you did not flinch, behind the photo in the wind, you regret in the state of qin. Your story has been the world, jing ke, a man in a can hold out a bosom, to give up life, realize the eternal value!

  "I see the road, I will search up and down." Tian Yi you repeatedly with a sword, go, giving advice to the king, has been sidelined, qing see little people, the country, there is no way that you hold out a bosom, with their own body of justice for final bet, villager's that a cup of sand, two lines of melancholy, witnessing the face upwards long whistle of you, "qing xi, the water of dark blue water is muddy water of blue waves". You have over time, and you hold out a bosom spirit forever stand for justice in people's heart, the patches of green bamboo leaves with respect to you, qu yuan, a man hold out a bosom and stand in front of vital qi, recalled several times, how many tears were shed.


  That night, the moonlight in the casement, and all over the floor. I'm sitting at my desk, let tears wet "beep beep" tied behind, then the paper's scores poorly.

  The final exam, I am far from achieving desired results. I wronged, why I pay so much, but when it doesn't even have a little harvest, I blame god unfair. Wiil you again remind of the scene, remind parents brought bread and milk for me. Why, why, don't I really not to learn it?

  Well, not to think of it, turn on the light to take a look at extracurricular books, I lit a lamp. Found the crumbs on the table in the moving, I pushed his glasses, want to see a clear, only a few ant on the move the biscuits, biscuits and a stop, if they move it is very difficult, very interesting! I used a magnifying glass to look at a look at these little thing. I also want to give them instruction "obstacle". I put the pencil before them, I saw them to change direction, result surrounded by my pen, to see if they do this time! I use a magnifying glass look carefully, a leading the ants first climb up the pen, it's like a commander, and they had a few ant crawl up in succession, they want to force will crumbs in the past, but tried several times didn't succeed, that take the lead in the ant lift crumbs, ants push behind, so it took about 30 minutes, cookies slag was finally ants from pencil in the past.


  Keeping a Dream is an attitude toward life. With dreams, we can overcome different kinds of difficulties in life.

  I usually get discouraged easily when I fail in an exam. My head teacher told me "nothing is difficult if you don't lose heart.". I followed his advice and began to work harder. It was his encouragement that pulled me through. As long as I keep trying, obstacles can become bridges to success.

  Besides, it's important for us to protect our dream. Dreams always lead to happiness, and success. Only when we are in pursuit of a dream can we live in a constructive way, can we satisfy our parents and shoulder the future responsibility.


  It suddenly began to rain. I was still walking leisurely along the path when I saw a white thing on the path. Walking past, it was only a wounded butterfly. It was struggling to climb up the water hole in the grass with its slender legs. There was a picture in front of me: the big raindrops fell inexorably, and a white butterfly flapped its wings. The raindrops hit him. It couldn't fly, but it didn't stop. It's been flying... Finally, he found a grass that could shelter from the rain. The butterfly then stopped. However, the butterfly was so weak that he accidentally fell into a nearby puddle. The rain stopped and it went on and on. Because it knows that there is a new starting point for climbing. Looking at it, a kind of inexplicable sadness welled up in my heart. I quickly picked up the butterfly and put it in my hands, holding him to a sunny rock. I watched it silently. After a while, the butterfly's wings were dry. Slowly, his wings flew up. The white butterfly flew around me for a week, as if to thank me. It seems to say to me, "you have to work hard to make progress toward tomorrow's new starting point!" The butterfly slowly flew away, leaving me infinite ream. Yes, the starting point is in front. On the way forward, no matter how hard it is, you must keep trying and never give up easily. Because every tomorrow is a new beginning, a new path.

  I think: we are from a starting line to the other starting line, the beginning of the life of a beautiful life. Let us move towards a new starting point, the struggle of life, no regrets.


  Just read a report, a 19-year-old girl how clever, because of the exam had no confidence a bit, although the test scores more than 7 points, colleges and universities to admit a line in the result under the single day take pills on himself. This may be stressful. What a pity it is! She is not mature enough to know the consequences of such a test. She does not know the consequences of her parents' love for her, or the influence of her parents' loss.

  Adversity makes a man. Can suffer, can exercise a person. Hunger and thirst for water, the value of a bowl of rice; Poverty and hardship, cold faces, hardships and setbacks can shape your character. On the way of learning, I feel this way, when you feel learning is inferior to others, you will lose confidence, or even give chance to others, when we want to know, opportunity is not literally let to let go, is their fighting for. The hardship of life and study is such a torment, "the earth" always makes fun of it. We take the hard experience and the growing season, record it! At the same time, it is possible to find out the reasons for the hardship. Maybe there is no self-confidence, but the people who lose their self-confidence can come back again. Yes, yes, like the 19-year-old girl, she could have finished her studies, but she lost her self-confidence.

  Let us remember the bitter lesson! I hope everyone has self-confidence. Believing in yourself is the end of success.

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